Prospects & customers. Preferences & demographics.

Aggregate data from disparate channels and systems. Get to know your audience.

The most successful compilation requires both expert data handling and the right business rules.

We have expertise compiling information from CRMs and ERPs, including ExactTarget and, into marketing databases you can act on. Our data experts utilize various tools, including those from the USPS, to maximize data quality and therefore match rates.

Turn your data mess into a dynamic business intelligence tool.

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Email. Mobile. Social. Sites. Postal.

Once you know your audience, you have to get your message out.

We can design it. And we can deliver it.

Maybe it’s an email. A website. A text message. A postcard. Doesn’t matter. We can do all of those.

Whether it be through ExactTarget, or utilizing our in-house printing capabilities, we will deliver the right message through the right channel at the right time.



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See into your data.

Opens. Undeliverables. Clicks. Conversions. Moves.

It’s something we all have faced. Analysis paralysis. Scouring reams of marketing data for the answer to a question forgotten.

How to avoid it? Have a plan before diving in. That’s how we’ve done it for four decades.

We don’t provide reports to our clients. We provide insight. The insight they need to prepare for the next campaign.

And we deliver it however you want. Via ExactTarget, custom dashboards, or in good, old Excel.

Don’t be overwhelmed by data.

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So… who are we?

C.TRAC is an innovative marketing solutions provider specializing in interactive marketing, database management & related support services.

What we do: Ensure our clients achieve their marketing objectives.

How we do it: Through our partnerships and in-house expertise, we are able to offer efficient and scalable solutions. We are there for our clients every step of the way – listening, responding and doing.

There’s more to us than just a few sentences. Browse around and see what we’re all about.



We have great clients. And we have wild turkeys outside our building.

These are just two reasons why people like working here.

If the position you’re looking for isn’t listed, check back with us. We’re always looking for talented people to join our team! If you’d rather introduce yourself, we’ve got an email for that:

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Want to know more about what we do? Need proof our clients like us? Look no further.

You’ll find everything you need right here. From the latest company news – to client case studies (impact stories), data-filled white papers, infographics and other great content you won’t see anywhere else.

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impact stories

Your e-mail campaign got lost in translation, the customer database is disorganized and the company you’re working with doesn’t respond to your questions…we’ve been there, fixed that.

What we do for our clients makes a huge impact on their business – we take a problem (or many), simplify the objectives and then implement a solution. After that we don’t just forget about you, we continually suggest alternatives and improvements to make life easier for everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear stories from our clients below.

Cone Instruments data hygiene solution

National Automobile Association DM Audit

Diebold’s ATM Security Alert email solution, electronic invoice and SMS campaigns

ERC data hygiene and print services solution

press releases

press releases

This just in… hot off the presses!

Latest company news, partnerships, awards and more.

CHICAGO, February 18, 2014 C.TRAC Named #1 Revenue Solution Provider at ExactTarget GSSK 2014

INDIANAPOLIS, May 8, 2013 At-Home Retail Giant Thirty-One Gifts Extends ExactTarget Digital Marketing to 100,000 Consultants

INDIANAPOLIS, October 22, 2012 C.TRAC wins Partner of the Year at 2012 ExactTarget Power of ONE Awards

CLEVELAND, July 11, 2012 C.TRAC now an ExactTarget Platinum Reseller Partner



Data here – research there… but what about having it all in one place?

That is where infographics come into play. Exposure to information is everywhere, and we’re just trying to absorb it all. Well, the good news is we understand it can be rough out there. So we’ve written content and designed infographics around the latest stats, facts and figures in marketing – with a little help from our friends.

white papers

white papers

You have needs, wants and problems. We know how to help.

Sit back, relax and get lost in all the powerful information below. If this isn’t enough concrete evidence we know our stuff, be sure to check out our impact stories as well!



Here’s what we’re doing

Visit us at one of the events below, see one of our speaker presentations or join in on a webinar or podcast!

Event Title Date Location Details
Content Marketing World 9/10 – 9/11 Cleveland, OH Come stop by our booth!
Connections 2013 9/17 – 9/19 Indianapolis, IN More Info



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p: 440.572.1000
f:  440.572.3330 (Yes, we still have one)

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